Help For New or Expanding Business

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Our Key Accounts staff is available to help new or expanding businesses with technical help. Send an email or give us a call at 541-685-7607.

Whether you're establishing a new business or expanding existing operations, we are committed to assisting customers with financing options for utility service.

EWEB developed a variety of energy efficiency programs and incentives to encourage the efficient use of electricity in commercial buildings including switching from natural gas. Increase your profits by reducing energy waste with our commercial rebates. Check out our business rebates and loans for more information.

To qualify for the programs below, your project will be reviewed considering the benefits your development may contribute to our community's economic, social and environmental vitality.

Group of people in safety gear touring a large building under development.
Infrastructure made easier

Special electric pricing

Our Business Growth & Retention Pricing is designed to encourage smart growth, which encourages local economic development and benefits all EWEB customers and is effective for three years. To qualify, applicants must have new or additional electric load, including switching from natural gas. 

Facility loan

Loans can help with the upfront cost of water, electric and telecommunication services associated with a new or expanding business. These costs may include utility equipment purchases, as well as associated EWEB construction, engineering services and connection fees. Loan amounts for qualified projects can be up to $500,000 with terms up to five years at a low interest rate.