We recommend, but do not require that homeowners acquire multiple bids.

Here is a list of participating ducted heat pump, ductless heat pump, insulation and windows contractors. 

You are welcome to use contractors that are not listed. However, ducted heat pump contractors must be listed on the website ptcs.bpa.gov, and ductless heat pump contractors must be listed on goingductless.com.  For window and insulation projects, you may do-it-yourself without a contractor, but you will need to discuss the project with your assigned EWEB project manager.

If you're looking for a contractor to help with heat pump water heater installations, check out Hot Water Solutions' list of contractors.

All projects must be completed according to EWEB program requirements.

Ducted heat pump program requirements

Ductless heat pump program requirements

Window and insulation program requirements

If you are a contractor who has not participated with EWEB before and would like to start, please contact us.