Loans & Grants For Water Service Line Replacement

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We might be able to help you with the unexpected expense of a catastrophic leak. Funds are limited, so loans and grants are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Service line replacement loan

When the water service line from your meter to your home bursts, it flows non-stop until fixed. We want to help you stop the gush of water from a broken service line as soon as possible. We offer up to a $5,000 zero-interest loan for water service line replacement. You must be a residential property owner and be receiving water services from us to qualify .

Download information about our residential service line replacement loan.

We are excited to announce that we now offer DocuSign as a new opportunity for you to electronically sign your loan contracts.  This will allow loans to fund quicker, thus getting you or the contractor paid more quickly.  It eliminates mail time and cost, and is an example of our continued efforts to create efficiencies for our employees, our vendors and our customers.

Income-eligible leak repair assistance

We understand that fixing failed plumbing can be a challenge if you have a limited income. You must be a residential property owner in our water service area to qualify, and income eligibility is required. Call or send an e-mail to a water management specialist for more information.